Call Me iP

Call Me iP

Call me iP

Please, just call me iP. I prefer simplicity and at a time in the technology age where complexity is rampant, I want to be your friend in all things simplistic when it comes to keeping you in touch with all worldly communications. To finally be here after my long gestation period is a revelation, a revealing now come true.

I’m here on behalf of many thousands of personalities that built into me a modern marvel that was unknown just a short time ago and yet I now exist in the hands of millions. Being thought of as a communication device, a tool, a master of all things technical makes me proud to have a history of ancestors that lead the way for my being.

I do feel humbled and yet at the same time. For months I have been talked about, coddled, fondled by futurologists of smartphone technology. They talked about me with some outstanding facts and less than flattering rumors. The bean counters anticipated my sales figures on day one and the shame I felt when I was under sold by one million units was almost more than I could digitize.

The blame is placed on supply and demand and instead of being happy with the huge demand for my release, the press screams disappointments, share prices drop, brawls similar to the squabbling over Cabbage Patch dolls decades ago that I know about because of my insatiable appetite to know everything and make it available to those who want to know, have erupted.

They talk about me as though I’m just an object and I refuse to let it make me feel cheap. I have the most advanced technology within my handsome shell and the opportunities to experience all that I have to offer will bring overwhelming praise and for that I am most appreciating my young life.

To those who waited in those long lines and were disappointed, my Parent company will be doing what needs to be doing to supply everyone who wants to experience my many features. Please know I’m not conceited, I’m not puffed up and I refuse to be a braggart to repeat all the overwhelming features I’m made up of. I’m honored that there are many who compliment me. The apple-fanboy’s probably know me better than I know myself at this time. I still have to gain all this knowledge about what people will demand of me.

This is a most exciting time for me, for us, and as just one of the millions of iPhone 5’s now in the hands of our user masters, we want to assure you that I speak for all of us when I say we are proud to be at your demanding service requirements and as we are updated over the years and incorporated into future releases, be confident that we will be there for you. Our technology reincarnation will become part of you and you with us because it is your demands that we listen to and document and then amaze you with when manifested.

A few days after birth my iPhone 5 family has grown into a press frenzy and in the scope of all things we are looking for stability and acceptance as we go into the almighty corporate fourth quarter and major holiday retail season. Though we are part of corporate financial performance, please, please let us become personal friends and enjoy each others lives as we experience the world together.


iP (iPhone 5)

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