We are proud not only of our work, but our team. Every member brings expertise and a diverse skill set that is valued by our clients. These are the people that drive our client success. We don’t just serve local businesses in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. We’re not limited nationally in Canada, either. Our services are as global as our people ― meet the SociallyInfused all-stars.

Vincent Bucciachio, Founder

Vince Bucciachio
CEO / Founder

An undercover geek with strong presentation, leadership and interpersonal skills allow him to ‘fly under the radar’ as a cool boss.

Micheal Scott, VP Sales

Michael Scott
VP Sales

“I’ll tell you something about this man, Michael could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a lady wearing white gloves in the middle of July.” ― his words.

Ian Smith, VP of Sales

Ian Smith
VP Marketing

Ian doesn’t finish crappy books. If he doesn’t like the menu, he will leave the restaurant. And you can bet, if he’s not on the right path, he’ll get off it.

Will Hudat, Lead Develpoer

Will Hudat
Lead Developer

I’m a coding

.ninja {
color: black
visibility: hidden
animaton-duration: 0.01s;

Lexi Freguson, Creative Director

Lexi Freguson
Creative Director

Ironic as it very well may be, my role isn’t to be much of a creative person at all, it’s to foster and encourage it in my team and clientele.


john turkinen

What do you call the # of times I am able to jump on a trampoline consecutively without falling? My insanely high bounce rate, of course 😉

Grace Young, Graphic Designer

Grace Young
Graphic Designer

*At speed dating:
Fav meal? Times New Ramen. Fav color? Purple ― it’s more than blue and red combined. I’m a Comic Sans.
*Leaves single.

David Wilcox, Graphic Designer

David Wilcox
Graphic Designer

I’m the youngest, brightest and newest member of the team, but don’t let my boyish charm and lack of facial hair fool you, I’m 12.

Serge Vasiliev, Senior Developer

Serge Vasiliev

This team has some amazing coders so don’t let my job title fool you – they call me the senior developer because I’m an old man.


keith warvicech
Digital Specialist

I live in a place where all men are 6’2″, people speak in a 280 character limit, and children are the FBI… Oh, how I love the world-wide web.

Hayden Birch, HR Manager

Hayden Birch
HR Manager

We at SociallyInfused, will no longer accept a doctor statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

Muhammed Singh, Technician

muhammed singh

I’m not just a technician, I’m THE technician. — that’s my nickname. Luckily, I can fix anything because this office is high maintenance (Will).