Google Tools Integration for SEO

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Increasing your online presence and ranking high in search engines requires paying detailed attention to search engine optimization (SEO).

If you have a site valued by search engines, you can get the coveted top positions and jump ahead of your competitors 🤳

However, very few companies know how to use Google SEO tools to help them understand what needs to be done to improve their website quality.

Mastering Google’s suite of tools can provide insights you never thought possible. Read on to learn all you need to know about Google tools for SEO.

1. Google Pagespeed Insights

Consumers can be impatient if your website takes too long to load pages. They can leave quickly and go on to find a competitor with faster loading times. This is likely to lead to your site ranking lower in the search engine positions because it looks like customers don’t enjoy being on your website.

Crucially, rather than simply telling you your pages are loading too slowly, this tool suggests actions you can take to make it operate more quickly. 

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best and most well-known free Google SEO tools. It allows you to instantly view how your website content performs, displays customer behaviour when they on your pages, and provides you with key campaign performance data.

You can use this information to improve website pages that consumers do not spend time on, increasing the value you offer to the online marketplace.

3. Google SEO Tools and Alert Notifications

Using Google Alerts for the purpose of tracking our brand name for SEO insights.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when improving your website SEO. You can set Google Alerts to send notifications anytime one of your competitors appears online. You can then create similar (but not the same) content to generate interest in your company. You can also contact any sites where your competition places guest posts or appears regularly.

Perhaps the third-party site owner would appreciate receiving content from your business. You could provide insightful comments that drive website traffic and receive backlinks that could help your SEO performance.

4. Google Trends

Another fantastic, although an often underappreciated example of useful Google free SEO tools, is Google Trends. It’s clear you should always have a long-term goal for your online marketing strategies. But, short-term results can also be extremely powerful. For example, perhaps a famous celebrity is using a product that you stock in your store. 

If you find terms related to this famous person and product in Google Trends, you can quickly produce content that includes related keywords. This method can generate enormous interest in your online store and win you a host of new customers. It may not always pay off, but this approach can be a great asset for your SEO campaigns when it does.

5. Google Sheets

While not technically one of the SEO Google tools, as it doesn’t directly improve your online functioning, Google Sheets encourages SEO efficiency. It is easy to forget which keywords you focused on a few months ago. In addition, you may have many backlinks on a range of different websites. 

It’s important to keep track of these aspects so you can optimize your SEO content going forwards. This can be especially crucial if you work with a team. If everyone updates the sheet regularly, you can ensure you aim your SEO campaigns in the right direction. 

6. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Consumers increasingly look for products and services online and when they are on the move. It is also a sign of how important mobile optimization is that Google has created a tool to show you how well your website performs on mobile devices.

You can easily find out if the search giant finds your mobile site to be acceptable. If not, you can make changes and repeat the test until you reach the required standard. This can be a critical element in your website appearing in the most viewed page rankings.

7. Use YouTube

Google owns YouTube, and you should be using video content to improve your SEO rankings. You can even post the same video on YouTube and your own website to get maximum value. The dream is to have a viral video, but you can still do very well by appealing to a smaller group of consumers who find your videos useful and help them solve a problem.

8. Google My Business

SEO tools Google provides do not solely focus on global reach. Google My Business is ideal for local companies that are seeking customers within a specific geographical area. It doesn’t take long to add information such as your opening hours, phone number, email address, and physical store address. 

You can also encourage customers to leave reviews that can positively impact your SEO improvement process. Another simple approach is to add photos that attract more consumers to interact with your page.

Over time, this can create an attractive listing that brings new customers to your store 👓

  1. Google Search Console

The Google Webmaster tool for SEO is now known as Google Search Console. The main objective is to give you an insight into how the search engine views your pages and helps you optimize your content. You can also receive notifications when there are problems with your site.

10. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

When determining your advertising budget, it’s essential to know how much bidding on keywords is likely to cost. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner gives you suggested bid prices and helps you decide which phrases you should focus on. You can also add these keywords to your advertising campaign and save them for when you are ready to launch your ads. 

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