SEO Maintenance

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You’ve done it!! 🎉

Your rankings are great and your customers are finding you on Google. 

Time to relax, right?


If you ever played ‘King of the Castle’ as a kid, you know how hard you have to work to stay at the top.

We’re not suggesting that you push your competitors off your ‘hill,’ but you now have to hold your position. 

For websites, that means SEO maintenance.

Which we happen to be really good at.

SEO maintenance basics

SEO maintenance is a catch-all term for all those services that keep your website successful. This means stellar search engine rankings that keep you competitive. 

Let’s be real- it’s not an easy task. Constantly changing algorithms and the never-ending pressure to produce new and relevant content keep you on your toes. 

Here’s a secret, though- the basics of good SEO don’t really change. You just have to know what they are and stay on top of them. 

At SociallyInfused Media, we have the know-how and persistence to make you King of the Castle. 👑

Here are some of the many ways we get you crowned!

Sitemap checking

Your sitemap knows what your website is doing right- and wrong.  

We use leading-edge technologies to pull your sitemap and analyze the crawl report for oopsies like the following: 

  • Page titles that are over 60 characters long- when you get too ambitious, you get abbreviated.
  • Meta descriptions over 300 characters long.
  • 404 errors for pages that are no longer active

We’ll have you Google-ready in no time!

Fixing broken links

Image of a computer screen with an error 404 message to depict the importance of SEO maintenance services.

This one calls for a dual approach- you want to fix any broken links on your site and make sure that any sites pointing to yours aren’t using an outdated link. 

Remember- every drop of link juice counts.

While you can run a broken link report online if you have the time (and do you really???), why not let us do all the hard work have all the fun? We’ll hunt down 🕵️ all the non-performing links that could be dragging your ranking down and fix them so that you don’t lose any cred with Google.

Keyword strategy review

Even if your last keyword strategy blew your competition out of the water, remember what we said at the beginning- SEO is ongoing. 

The strategy that got you results last year might not be doing you any good now. 

We will pull your current keyword list and review how well each one is performing for you. If we see any dead weight, we’ll set you up with newer and more dynamic keywords. Our keyword research services are the best!

Planning content for new keywords

New keywords also mean new content. If you’re a financial planner and you’re targeting disability insurance this year, you’ll want to plan out content like:

  • Blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Case studies
  • White papers

Alternatively, you could let us handle all the content planning and preparation for you. SociallyInfused Media is fluent in a wide range of B2B and B2C subjects and can deliver content that takes your site to a whole new level!

Making your best content even better

If you have old content, uses outdated keywords, or aren’t getting much engagement anymore, you can freshen it up!

Optimizing old content is easy. First, you want to make sure you are using relevant keywords. By doing a bit of keyword research, you can see how much search volume each term has.

Take another look at your analytics. 

Which landing pages and blogs are attracting traffic like bees to honey? 🍯

Next question: are they over a year old?

If the answer is yes, maybe they could use a makeover. 

How about- 

  • Updated facts or metrics
  • Content edits for modern relevance
  • Links to newer, higher-ranking pages that explore the topic further

Make sure you are using relevant keywords that people are still searching for! You want your keywords to have a high search volume with appropriate keyword intent.

Next, you want to add these to the content you are optimizing.

Not only do you want to have these keywords sprinkled throughout your article, but you also want to include them in your headings and your metadata.

Finally, you want to have relevant internal and external links. When you have content that provides value for users, it will perform much better than old, stale content. 

When you have newer content, Google knows that it is up to date and relevant. What was relevant 5 years ago is not relevant anymore. This is why it is vital to optimize older content!

When you freshen your content, it will be crawled more frequently and has a higher potential to rank!

We can work our content magic without compromising the page’s SEO value or disrupting existing traffic. Just leave it with us!

SEO can be technical, challenging and time-consuming, but it also is vital to your website. We can help get you up and running. To learn more, visit our SEO guide.

Monitor Competitors

One of the most important parts of monthly SEO maintenance is to not only monitor your own company but monitor your competitors as well.

Remember, SEO is constantly evolving and changing. While you could be ranked #1 on Google one day, that could change overnight. 

The same applies to your competitors — their SEO ranks are always changing. So, you must adapt, otherwise, you will get left behind.

Think of your SEO strategy as a never-ending chess match.

By monitoring your competitors, you can:

  • Find new keywords to rank for
  • Improve on your off-page SEO
  • Enhance your content and on-page SEO optimization

Search Engine Changes

Another vital part of SEO maintenance is to ensure your up to speed on search engine changes and algorithm updates.

Google’s algorithms are what help it find the best results for a query online. If your page follows Google’s guidelines, you’re more likely to be rewarded with higher rankings. 

It’s a double-sided sword though.

Google’s algorithms are frequently updating and this means that you need to constantly change your SEO tactics to get the best results possible! 

Make sure you thoroughly research the algorithm changes when you are doing SEO maintenance.

Improve Website Speed

Website speed is vital to your search engine success. 

Google prioritizes the user experience highly so, it is important to keep your website lightening-fast to give users the quickest results.

Site speed is one of the easiest and often overlooked ways to improve UX. Even with all the algorithm changes, site speed has been a factor for SEO ranking for more than 10 years. 

Note: Many users will leave a site if it is too slow to load, leading to a higher bounce rate.

Bounce rates can negatively impact SEO rankings.

  • To improve web speed, you must optimize your images! If you can compress these files, it will lower the page size and allow your site to load more quickly.
  • Another great way to reduce website speed is to remove any unnecessary plugins on your website.

Monitor Progress

Monitoring your progress is vital for SEO maintenance. Having a baseline to compare your performance to will help you see how much your SEO has improved. 

One way you can do this is through Google tools integration. It will help you see how your rankings have changed, how much engagement you have, and more. 

Our SEO maintenance services rock!

At SociallyInfused, we’ve got you covered.

We know what is and isn’t good SEO and will keep yours from straying to the Dark Side. 

We’ll make your site irresistible to Google and your visitors and help you keep it that way.

Ready to be King of the Castle?

Let us take care of your SEO maintenance tasks. You have better things to do 🤢