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DIY SEO on a Budget [Ultimate Small Business Guide]

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DIY SEO isn’t scary. You’re a king / queen 👑 that has started your own new business. You’ve already launched your website. It looks great and the copy is compelling. It’s time to go to market, and that means marketing. So, what’s it going to be? Should you hire out search engine optimization services or […]

6 Ways Google My Business Reviews Can Boost Your Business

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If you are selling to individuals or businesses in your area, then you’ve possibly heard about the benefits of creating a Google My Business (GMB) page. It’s a free service from Google that can get you on Google Maps, draw attention to business offers, and showcase customer reviews. Many businesses have already claimed their GMB […]

SEO: What is It, and How Can It Help You?

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SEO is crucial for gaining website traffic and optimizing your webpages to the ever-changing wants and needs of Google, but what is it really? What true company-oriented or financial value can Google offer you once you decide to take the route of SEO? While it offers much higher searchability and visibility than other methods of […]

When Search Intent Requires More Than A Blog

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Blog content can entice customers to your product; however, due to Google’s focus on search intent, a blog may not be the best form of content marketing or social media marketing. How do you figure out if your blog is enough or if you need to pursue other content marketing strategies? In the following paragraphs, […]

What’s the Cost of Buying Links in 2020? We Contacted 1,950 Blogs to Uncover the Truth

As a longterm strategy, SEO can be more economical than many other marketing avenues, but it can also add up quickly if link aquisition is not performed with expertise and tact.  Building backlinks is critical to the success of any search engine optimization campaign. David McSweeney, a frequent Ahrefs contributor, and Joshua Hardwick, Head of […] Protection Status