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Understanding Different Types of Branding

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Branding. It’s a ubiquitous term, constantly buzzing in the business world. Yet, what truly lies at its core? It transcends a snazzy logo or clever tagline. It’s the fundamental essence of how your Hamilton business portrays itself. It’s the voice, the emotions, and the client experience you curate. But the beauty lies in the diversity.  […]

Cost-Effective Branding Strategies for Small Business

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A robust identity is a small firm’s secret weapon in today’s marketplace. It sets you apart, builds client trust, and fosters loyalty. However, for many small firms, creating a memorable identity can feel like a luxury they can’t afford. Fear not! This guide will unveil powerful trademarking tactics that are easy on the wallet. We’ll […]

How to Build a Memorable Brand Identity for Your Small Business?

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It’s 2024, and almost every business is competing with each other online. To get in front of your audience, get to the top of search results, and ultimately just get people to notice you, you need to develop a brand identity that will make you stand out as a distinct, local business. But how to build […]

Structuring your Small Business Branding: The Basics

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Small business branding is a set of practices that help you communicate with customers – your logo, name, values, and all the things that help associate your business with who you are and what you are doing.  Creating small business branding can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you do this in-house. Some things take […]

Visual Identity for Business: Here’s What You Need to Know

An awesome visual identity for business.

Have you ever struggled to convey your brand’s vision? You should design your visual identity to appeal to the potential customer, influence them, and leave a lasting impression on them. Your content speaks volumes about your brand. Your choice of words communicates your message clearly and distinctly. Visual identity, which includes accent colours, colour palettes, […]

2019’s Worst Logo Design Awards

2019's Worst Logo Design Awards.

Logos are meant to help distinguish and define a brand. We create these ‘symbols’ because consumers are visual, and we want to create these connections and associations with our target audience― consider Pepsi, McDonald’s, or even Puma. What instantaneously pops into your head? Exactly, it’s most likely their logos. Great logos stick, resonate, and are […] Protection Status