8 Insanely Good Facebook Ad Examples

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Need some inspiration before you run your next Facebook ad campaign? We have analyzed 8 recent examples of Facebook ads that grab people’s attention and drive sales. Learn from the best and make your next social media campaign exceptional.

According to Lumen, 82% of digital ads never even get looked at, while only 1% are viewed for more than three seconds. We have analyzed countless ads and selected those that, for us, best represent attractive visuals, eye-catching headlines, and compelling copies, to give you a complete picture of what makes a great Facebook ad.

If you’re just starting to learn how to advertise on Facebook, you can use this article as a guide or an exercise; look at the screenshots first and try to decide what makes each particular ad great, then read our analysis to check if you noticed all of the same details.

If you’re an experienced marketer, on the other hand, use this article as inspiration. Get your creative juices flowing to create your own compelling ads. Ready to get started?

The anatomy of a perfect Facebook ad

Facebook’s users aren’t checking their news feeds to spend money or look for products. They’re there to talk to friends, keep up with everyone’s lives, and to share memes. Hence, marketers need to show off their creative skills if they are to win people’s hearts and gain customers on the platform.

There’s no universal recipe for a perfect ad, but there are several aspects that you should bear in mind if you want to make it convincing.

Visual aspects and form

Here’s the fun part: creating visuals. Regardless of whether it’s a photo, a video, a carousel, or a slideshow, a few elements should be taken into consideration if you want your Facebook advertising to stand out. Think about colors first of all: you can go for bright ones to grab attention or go for your company colors to increase brand awareness and trigger instant associations. Keeping your visuals neat and tidy will allow you to deliver a clear message to your potential customers in a matter of seconds.

Catchy headlines

To click or not to click, that is the question. Once you have a user’s attention, it’s time to push them to take action and click on a link. That’s when you add a headline, which is usually a summary of what you’re offering. The right headline will help you get your potential customers down the Facebook sales funnel. Try to make it short and sweet: create a memorable and clear message using the fewest number of words possible.

Call to action

The CTA button is another action booster that will encourage leads to take the next step with your Facebook ad. It appears near the bottom of your ad and instructs users on what to do after viewing your ad. A call to action button should consist of a maximum of two words, but it’s about the quality of the words that you use rather than the quantity. Make them powerful, use words such as “free”, “now”, “you” or “new”, and combine them into short calls such as “shop now”, “learn more” or “free delivery”.

Post text

The post text is the copy that is placed directly above an image, so they’re usually the first words that a user will see. As such, this is also a space for your creativity. Post text should consist of one or two sentences, and it can consist of anything but shouldn’t be a sales pitch. Try to make the copy engaging by asking questions or being funny (or even flirty!). Trigger instant decisions by highlighting that your offer is limited or time-sensitive. You can also go for a mysterious copy: make your leads curious, to get people wondering what your offer is about.

Awesome Facebook ad examples

#1 Beyond Meat

Beyond meat Facebook ad showcasing their burger

From visuals to copy, everything about this Beyond Meat ad seems to be just right. The video is simple yet outstanding. The bright red and yellow colors immediately draw attention and evoke positive emotions. The headline itself gives you all of the necessary information someone needs to get their hands on this delicious burger. Yet, if you take your time to read the text, you’ll be surprised to learn that you can have it delivered for free. Life’s good.

#2 Billabong

Billabong Facebook ad showing their 'bottle opener' boardshorts

Okay, it may be the product that is everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but the ad itself ain’t bad either. Billabong introduced their boardshorts with a built-in bottle opener just before summer and launched the Facebook ad to make all surfers even more enthusiastic about the upcoming season.

They didn’t include a product description within the headline since the images speak for themselves. Instead, Billabong promotes something more: a lifestyle. “Bring Happy Hour With You,” says the slogan. You’re already shopping for shorts, aren’t you?

#3 Fjällräven

Fjällräven carousel Facebook ad

Carousel is an excellent idea if you wish to display several products within your ad and still keep it tidy. But hey, does the carousel have to be boring? Fjällräven cut a single image into several pictures and made a carousel that drives curiosity. Its form encourages users to interact with the ad and slide to the right to see the whole creation (and other colors of the backpack as well).

As for the post text, it’s short and sweet! It reminds you of all the trips you’ve planned and made you think about what you’re going to wear on your next adventure. Shop now or cry later!

#4 Ben&Jerry’s

Ben&Jerry’s new ice cream flavor, Netflix&Chill’d
Ben&Jerry’s Facebook ad for Netflix&Chill’d

The ice cream brand, Ben&Jerry’s, recently released their new ice cream flavor, Netflix&Chill’d. The product speaks for itself – what else will make your Netflix&chill feel complete if not a pint of ice cream? But the marketers at Ben&Jerry’s don’t rest on their laurels. Quite the contrary, they made their new product even ‘cooler’ with witty copy on their Facebook ads.

All of the ingredients are introduced like movie stars in a trailer: “Introducing Peanut Butter as Ice Cream, Pretzel as Swirl, Fudge Brownie as Chunk and Spoon as Itself in Netflix&Chille’d.” In another one, they played with the well-known slogan “Netflix&chill” and dared to redefine the legend as “Netflix and Ben&Jerry’s.” Will they manage to redefine your evening routine and become an integral part of Netflix&chill rituals? Chapeau bas, Ben&Jerry’s!

#5 Warby Parker

Warby Parker Facbook ad

Warby Parker wins users’ attention with a simple yet aesthetic flat lay, and immediately provides a great reason to buy a pair of glasses (even if you thought you didn’t need them!). “Is screen time taking a toll?” – come on, who can’t relate? Of course, it is.

That’s how Facebook users may realize that they have a problem and, at the exact same second, be provided with a solution – a pair of cute looking glasses that filter out dangerous blue light. Shop now.

#6 MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Facebook ad

MAC Cosmetics launched its virtual try-on during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it easy for beauty lovers to shop for new shades of lipsticks and eye shadows during the lockdown. The simple yet eye-catching video within the ad encourages users to take a step further and proceed to the virtual try-on in order to play with the shades. What’s more, shipping is free!

#7 Glossier

Glossier Facebook ad

So you already wanted to go shopping but just needed a little trigger? A little bonus that is gifted to you as a reward for getting up, putting your clothes on, and leaving the house? Would a free sample be okay?

Glossier, a beauty brand from New York, already has a considerable number of loyal customers. But what would encourage them to shop more frequently? Free samples seem to be a great idea, but a little paid endorsement (I mean, the Facebook ad) wouldn’t hurt either. “Meet your next favorite,” says the intriguing headline.

In this way, Glossier doesn’t advertise any specific products. Quite the opposite, they give their customers 1) a reason to shop and 2) an opportunity to test whichever products they like. And that’s what makes this ad great: it’s neither too salesy nor too direct.

#8 Everlane

Everlane Facebook ad

Everlane is a socially and environmentally conscious clothing brand. No surprise then, that the focus of their ads is on acts, not clothes. They made users wonder what their new campaign was about by announcing that something was going to happen soon. Everlane let some of the campaign details slip: “13 styles. 3 million plastic bottles renewed.” The hint, apart from the curiosity-driven copy, was an excellent trigger for users to sign up and find out more before anyone else. Exclusive, isn’t it?

Your ad’s live, what now?

Once your perfectly crafted ad is live, take your time to moderate the comments. Otherwise, all your efforts may go to waste. If a conversation gets out of your hand, the ad may actually do more harm than good. On the other hand, if you manage comments carefully, then the ad may perform even better than expected.

Make sure both your existing customers and potential clients are heard. If a negative comment appears, try to provide thoughtful and helpful answers. If the issue is more complicated, acknowledge them publicly and move the further conversation into a private space. Establish a relationship with your customers by replying to all comments – this will not only make your existing clients more loyal but will also be a source of social proof for those who are considering your offer. 

Wrap up

Creating a successful Facebook ad that will help you grow sales is not an easy task. I hope this list of great ads leaves you feeling inspired and equipped with some excellent hacks that you can use while working on your next Facebook campaign. Make sure to use all of the social media management tools at your disposal: visuals, CTA buttons, headlines, and descriptions. Finally, never leave a single comment on an ad without reply, and you’re all set!

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