SociallyInfused Media Ltd. Achieves Five-Star Rating for Quality Web Design

A star shaped logo with the word 'clutch' on it achieves a five-star rating.

In our increasingly digital world, businesses need to have websites that appeal to consumers and hold their attention. After all, 38% of users will leave a website if they find that the layout or content is unappealing to them.

A website that leaves a lasting first impression can make all the difference for a business. But achieving both user-friendly functions and an aesthetic layout at the same time can be a difficult task.

At SociallyInfused Media, we’re committed to helping companies create the ideal website that communicates their personalities and the qualities that they have to offer to consumers. Our expert team puts in 100% to meet the diverse web design needs that our clients bring to us.

To better reach businesses local businesses in Hamilton, Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve partnered with Clutch and The Manifest, two B2B websites that connect potential buyers with global service providers. Clutch is a review platform that generates lists of top companies in various industries. Its sister site, The Manifest, offers business news and how-to guides and also shortlists agencies for users who are seeking to partner with a leading business.

We’re proud to say that we’re featured on The Manifest as one of Canada’s top web design consultants. On top of that, we’re excited to share our first review on Clutch—a five-star review from a Canadian advertising agency, New Engene.

SociallyInfused Media helped New Engene redesign its website to make it more user-friendly and improve its visual appeal. We also produced web and print ads, created videos for social media ads, and assisted with other graphic design projects including branding.

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Our creativity, commitment to realizing New Engene’s ideas, and efforts to communicate every step of the way yielded exceptional results that earned us a five-star rating. For example, with our support, New Engene’s web traffic went up by 76 percent and its sales increased by 60 percent in just two months.

While we love working to meet our clients’ needs, we also love to see them acknowledge our hard work and share their experiences with us.

“I’ve worked with many website designers, but this vendor was simply outstanding. They are artists. Their knowledge capacity and understanding of web design is out of the roof. I’ll definitely work with them again.” — Account Manager, New Engene

New Engene is just one of the many businesses that have benefitted from our skills and expertise, whether in web design, SEO, or social media management. At SociallyInfused Media, we’re always dedicated to helping businesses build their unique identities. 

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