Reasons Your Next Event Needs a Social Media Display

Event coordinators setting up a social media display screen.

Events and audience engagement should go hand in hand. But often, event organizers find it challenging to generate buzz and engagement. A coordinator might invest their resources into creating grand scale setups, with state-of-the-art sound systems, but overlook one factor that defines event success—an engaged audience!

What if there was a way to raise audience engagement and participation at your next live event by bringing social media management into play!

Events Featuring Social Media = Next Level Exposure

If there is a way to connect people from every corner of the world, then look no further than social media channels. The kind of global exposure that events could get from social media platforms is unparalleled. In this social era, people fear being left behind and, when they see that an event has become “the talk of the town,” they want to be a part of it.

That is why event marketers should make use of their extensive social network to bring maximum visibility and engagement to their brands and events. But, how can it be done? One answer is social media displays.

Social Media Displays: More than What Meets the Eye

Digital displays at expos and conferences are a common sighting. Though it catches the audiences’ eyes in the beginning, after a while, its effect diminishes. Reason? No engagement due to a lack of dynamic content.

On the other hand, attendees viewing the same display screen, streaming well-curated social content, from great social media tools, find it hard to take their eyes away from it!

An engaged audience will, of course, be more enthusiastic at an event—that’s exactly what a social media display does. By displaying relatable content such as pictures, videos, tweets around the event hashtags on big screens, organizers can prompt attendees to share thoughts and feedback through their respective social media accounts; which can then be rescreened on the digital displays.

When people see the pictures and videos of other event attendees on these amazing HD displays, they too want to join the on the fun and share their event experience on social.

By using social media displays at events, marketers could also showcase event sponsors, pictures, major announcements, tweets, and so much more. But, how can it be done? By using a smart social media aggregation tool.

Social Media Aggregator Platforms

A social media aggregator tool fetches event news and live content from attendees’ social media profiles and showcases it on the displays. As soon as the attendees’ post content, with an event hashtag on social media, it is presented on the live screen—this some serious buzz and excitement!

Asocial wall lets brands drive engagement among live audience in a very modern way. It also encourages event attendees to participate in various live activities and share their pictures with social media followers.

How event marketers can encourage audience participation at events

Create hashtags

While trying to enhance audience engagement and participation, event marketers should create dedicated hashtags. Research has shown that a quirky event hashtags can exponentially increase social media engagement.

Certain hashtags function like call-to-action catchphrases where attendees interact directly with brands. By utilizing these, you give attendees another way in which to remember you.

Set Up Quizzes and Contests

Creating a live poll for event audiences is excellent interaction activity.. Event marketers could also encourage participants for feedback during an ongoing event—by ensuring the audience that their opinions matter, management can foster a healthy relationship and increase repeat attendees. The data gathered during these interactive sessions can, obviously, be used later for attendee satisfaction improvements and content curation.

Feature event speakers

Whos’ the keynote? Highlight them using the social walls. Before the event, organizers facilitate with the keynote to gather social content—this will only enhance anticipation to see the speaker’s live at the event.

At the events, social walls can also be used as a platform for attendees to have personal, one-on-one interaction with the keynote. Attendees can post their questions through social media and the speaker could engage in a live Q&A via the social media display.


Keeping the audience captivated is no easy feat but by using digital social media displays, events can boost audience engagement and participation. As the human attention span gets shorter, it will be harder to keep attendees entertained. Protection Status