We’re Hamilton’s Fastest-Growing Online Marketing Company, But Why?

Hamilton's fastest growing online marketing company is SociallyInfused Media
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Clutch recently released its 2021 ranking report listing the 100 highest-growing B2B marketing agencies for 2019-2020.

We’re proud to announce that SociallyInfused Media Ltd. was named as the fastest-growing online marketing company in Hamilton and the #2 highest-growing web marketing agency in the report. 🏆

“It feels absolutely amazing to be recognized as one of the top B2B Service Providers for Fast Growth for 2021,” says SociallyInfused Media’s Founder and CEO Vincent Bucciachio. 

Why has SociallyInfused Media been awarded this honour? There are many qualities unique to our firm that make it sensible for Clutch to rank our search marketing firm so highly. These reasons are important to understand because they highlight exactly what it is that makes a digital marketing agency stand out from the crowd.

Let’s dive into a few of the most important characteristics of our firm to demonstrate why and how we’ve grown over the past few years—and what that growth means for our established and future clients.

Local SEO Services From a Local Online Marketing Company

Local SEO is very important in the digital marketing space and will continue to grow in significance throughout 2021.

As a local internet marketing agency, SociallyInfused Media understands how important it is for a business to keep up with Google’s ever-changing local SEO algorithms. We stay on top of local SEO trends to make sure regional audiences know all about our clients and their services.

There’s more to local SEO than local keywords. Now, businesses have verified Google listings, mobile search, and other less obvious internet marketing elements to contend with. Fortunately, SociallyInfused Media is ready to handle them all.Whether we’re optimizing a listing on Google Maps or figuring out the best local search terms, we are always working to ensure that our local SEO services provide clients with valuable results. We even know how to help a company optimize on Google and other search engines for multiple locations if needed. 

Outstanding Web Design

Web design is constantly changing, and mobile-first websites are quickly becoming the main event where digital marketing is concerned. A forward-thinking digital marketing agency in Hamilton needs to understand that.

Our online marketing company has achieved a 5-star rating for quality website design in 2020, and for good reason.⭐️

We are consistently focused on making sure our client websites are mobile-first— because that’s how our clients’ customers live and think.

We combine cutting-edge technology, appealing design, and winning copy with a ridiculously simple end-user experience to help businesses increase their online traffic in a manageable, user-friendly way.

We also loathe the status quo and will go to great lengths to test new features rather than let a client’s website run the risk of getting stagnant.

Web design is always changing—so should company websites. We aren’t afraid to make shocking design suggestions to our clients if it means that they can enjoy shocking results.

We want our clients’ websites to look great and work great. We make sure we have high-quality tools and processes in place that allow us to make that happen. Our attention to detail is a part of who we are.

Inclusive Marketing

Most modern-thinking business owners realize how important diversity and inclusivity are in every aspect of society in 2021. So do we. We take it very seriously.

Digital marketing in the 2020s needs to be especially mindful of individuals of all races, ages, genders, and backgrounds. It also must be informed of the needs of disabled individuals navigating the internet. It’s the moral thing to do, and in some cases, it’s required. It’s also better for business overall. 👍

As a top digital marketing company, SociallyInfused Media understands all of the latest and most crucial aspects of website accessibility in Ontario in 2021

From incorporating alt text for web page images to adding readable text, we know what it takes to include users of all abilities when shaping a business’s site. 

Combining our technical knowledge with our understanding of the ins and outs of accessibility and modern marketing means that our clients are always ready to reach users of all abilities and backgrounds.

Social Media That Works

It can be hard to figure out how to approach social media as a business. 🤔

Companies should strive to strike the right balance of professionalism and relatability, but it isn’t always easy to get there.

SociallyInfused Media’s social marketing team has the expertise needed to understand a company’s target market and what social media plan works within it.

It’s also important to remember that every new trend in social media won’t work for every business. (Just think about a medical technology company trying to use TikTok dances to its advantage. Not a good idea.) We understand that, while it’s important to stay on top of new technology, not every business can benefit from every social tool out there. 

Social media is an effective tool as part of a larger marketing strategy—when it’s used properly. Our online marketing team has the experience and diligence needed to execute a careful social media plan free of unnecessary fluff.

Smart Advertising

Online advertising is a big deal. Businesses need to focus on Google and Facebook ads in particular. From smart bidding to ever-changing Facebook algorithms, there’s a lot for businesses to take in where internet advertising is concerned.

SociallyInfused Media stays on top of all of it. ✊

Advertising technology is constantly changing. While advancements are good news for a business’s marketing, they can be a challenge for busy business owners who have other matters to worry about.

We know what works and what doesn’t where ads are concerned. From copy to images and scheduling, there are many aspects involved with online ads. We handle them all with confidence.

Advertising has changed in the digital age. We understand this and work with businesses to find the right advertising mixes for their unique needs.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all the rage, but many agencies fail to understand and implement it. SociallyInfused Media understands how important influencers can be to a brand or organization. If it seems like an influencer strategy makes sense for a client, we’ll let them know.

Industry partners are another great addition to many digital marketing strategies. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to help clients in this category, as well.

Having trusted partners to validate a company or its products and services helps to enhance its credibility among potential customers who want social proof before they spend their hard-earned money.

We are here to help businesses understand this fact and use it to their advantage rather than get overwhelmed by taking on a new marketing element.

An Experienced Online Marketing Company

SociallyInfused Media opened in 2008, so it’s safe to say that we know our stuff. While it’s great that there are so many startups popping up in the industry, it’s also important for marketing professionals to “get it,” and that’s hard to do without experience. 

If a business runs into a weird issue with its website or a roadblock with its SEO, we’ve probably seen it before. We aren’t going to be intimidated by the strange aspects of digital marketing, because we’re used to them. We’ve also had the time to learn what works and what doesn’t so we can save our clients time and money.

Some marketing agencies disappear as quickly as they open up shop.

Clients don’t have to worry about us shrugging and giving up on a difficult marketing plan or a strange blip in a piece of technology.

We’ve been doing this for 13 years and counting. We aren’t quitting any time soon. 🛑

Innovative Marketing

We’ve established that the SociallyInfused Media team is experienced. That being said, we also understand that there are discoveries to be made in the world of marketing every day.

Our innovation and knowledge combine to make a winning combination. That’s why we continue to be recognized as a top digital marketing agency.

We aren’t afraid to learn new things. We also don’t use our experience as an excuse to keep doing things the same old way while expecting exciting new results for clients.

We understand that there’s never one right way to do something, especially in the world of marketing. 🚀

It doesn’t matter if a business needs to learn how to incorporate voice search as part of its marketing strategy or wants to learn how to use online reviews to its advantage.

The team at SociallyInfused Media is ready to do a deep dive into any element of digital marketing and help a client find the right approach for their needs.

Traditional Branding Assistance

Our open-mindedness helps us find new strategies for our clients. Our experience helps us optimize tried-and-true methods of marketing to help businesses reach a wider range of people. 

Digital marketing is important, but it is also important to take the strongest parts of an online strategy and take them out into the physical world. That’s where our branding services come in.

From business cards to logo-focused hats and product packaging, we know how to provide clients with attractive branded products that tell a company’s story and bring its identity to life.

We spend time crafting the perfect image for a business so all of the parts work together once the final product is complete.

Pandemic Support

COVID-19 has altered the fabric of society. It has also changed the way business owners run their companies.

SociallyInfused Media has helped our clients every step of the way throughout the pandemic, from clearly stating how we are meeting their unique needs during coronavirus to providing real-world advice on how to do business during a global emergency.

The pandemic has also made online communications more important than ever. People want to stay informed during a time of uncertainty, and they have every right to do so. 

We are always ready to help our clients keep their customers informed of changes related to COVID-19. This makes us an asset to businesses who want to be transparent with their audiences during unusual circumstances.

“Buy Local” Focus

The “Buy Local” mentality has taken the world by storm in recent years. It has also become a point of focus at SociallyInfused Media, and one that helps us stand out from the crowd. 

In recent years, focusing on the local Hamilton market has been important to our marketing team. COVID-19 brought the importance of buying local into an even greater light.

“We started transitioning that way just before the pandemic, and then the pandemic [occurred], and it was like a no-brainer,” says Bucciachio. 

“We really focused our marketing efforts locally because we felt the quality of our work was quite good. And online marketing company had a lot of really good local stories to tell. And, quite honestly, word-of-mouth travels much quicker locally than it does internationally,” Bucciachio continues.

Our local approach helps us to zero in on clients at a smaller, individual level rather than worry about reaching potential customers on a global scale. This allows for greater focus on each business and, therefore, better results for clients.

Reliable (and Honest) SEO Assistance

There are several elements at play in the 2021 SEO space. From visual searches to the accessibility requirements mentioned above, there’s a lot at stake for businesses that want to maximize their visibility online. 

SociallyInfused Media’s team of SEO professionals understands the ever-changing world of SEO, Google algorithms, and other confusing digital marketing details. We get excited by the nitty-gritty details that most business owners would rather forget exist.

Companies that have dealt with shady marketing agencies in the past can feel safe with SociallyInfused Media.

We only utilize white-hat SEO and work diligently to find honourable and unique ways to help businesses rank on Google and beyond. We will never:

  • Buy backlinks for a website
  • Automate content on website pages
  • Spin existing content for publication
  • Hide links or text on a site
  • Use cloaking or sneaky redirects
  • Attempt other black-hat SEO techniques

Unethical marketing practices are not worth the risk. When clients choose to work with SociallyInfused Media, they know they have a professional and reputable marketing partner.

We won’t do anything that will jeopardize a business’s finances or credibility. 🤬

Range of Digital Marketing Services

Many businesses appreciate having the ability to pick one digital marketing agency to help with a wide range of needs. SociallyInfused Media is one such agency.

We offer the following services and many elements that fall under them:

  • Website design (from start to finish)
  • Business branding (such as logos and business cards)
  • Google ranking (search engine optimization and local SEO)
  • Social media marketing (strategy and management)

Whether a client needs one, two, or more marketing services, we are ready to help.

We can also help clients understand the interplay between different elements of marketing. This allows them to have a better chance of developing a cohesive and effective online marketing strategy.

Having one online marketing company to handle everything also makes it less likely for a brand’s core message or strategy to get lost in the shuffle.

What if there happens to be something a business needs for its marketing plan that SociallyInfused Media isn’t an expert in?

We’re happy to refer the company to the right agency for the job. We want our clients to get the best results, even if that means that some have to come from another marketing partner to meet highly specific needs.

An honest digital marketing firm will let a company know if some or even all of their needs aren’t a great fit.

We try to help as many companies as possible, but we also want every business that seeks our assistance to get honest answers and the targeted marketing support they deserve.

Interactive Content Elements

Quizzes, polls, and other gamified types of content are important parts of digital marketing in the 2020s.

SociallyInfused Media suggests cutting-edge ideas such as interactive social media displays for events to help businesses connect with their audiences in a fun and truly social way. 

Our team understands that interactivity is the wave of the digital marketing future. As a result, we are fully ready to help our clients jump into this new era.

To be honest, we’re enthusiastic about it. There’s nothing we enjoy more than rolling up our sleeves and diving into the latest technology and strategies. That’s what makes marketing fun.

Interactivity is a fun option for reaching audiences and an innovative way to approach marketing. Meeting potential customers where they are and understanding how they interact with brands is a crucial part of marketing in the future, and SociallyInfused Media is ready for it.

Full-Service Business Support

At SociallyInfused Media, we never take a hands-off approach with our clients. We act as an extension of our customers’ businesses rather than behave like separate outside agents. We like our clients to think of us as their internal marketing departments at a distance.

What does this look like in practice? 🙄

It looks like working and communicating with multiple departments at a company, including HR, sales, accounting, and many others.

It also looks like helping businesses launch or consulting on their operations. Marketing doesn’t work in a vacuum, nor does any other aspect of a business. We understand that.

Securing a contract with a client is just the beginning for us. Retaining customers is and always will be a priority for the SociallyInfused Media team. Whether it’s scheduling a lengthy call between our CEO and a client or fixing a problem on a Sunday afternoon, we are always ready to help our clients nurture their entire businesses.

Not every online marketing company has the ability or desire to be that invested.

Unique Approach

We don’t like doing things the same old way that every other agency has been doing them for too many years.

We use an edgy—even risqué—approach that other companies might not be bold enough to take on. This new approach is also very focused on quality content and its power to take a marketing plan from good to great.

“We’re heavily invested in content—content curation, copywriting, messaging, and branding,” explains Bucciachio. He also points out that ensuring that there’s a synergistic and mutually respectful relationship between the agency and the client is an important aspect of doing business at SociallyInfused Media.

“That trust has to be there,” he adds. 

We want our clients to be comfortable and put their confidence in us every step of the way. 💗

We have a responsibility to make sure that we are doing what we believe is necessary to boost a company’s visibility and allow it to keep or enhance its profitability.

Key Takeaways

Uniquely valuable features such as those represented by SociallyInfused Media are good indicators of a modern, reliable Canadian marketing company.

Understanding the need to look for these types of benefits can help clients figure out how to choose the best digital marketing agency in 2021.

A great company wants its greatness to shine, both in-person and online. Digital marketing is the best way to accomplish the online aspects, but only an excellent partner can allow a business to bring an excellent marketing plan to life.

An online marketing company with little enthusiasm and a lacklustre approach will likely harm a business’s reputation.

As our website homepage states, quality is doing it right when no one is looking.

A quote from our services page that says "quality is doing it right when no one is looking"

Clients can take a hands-off approach with SociallyInfused Media and trust our team to do right by their marketing plans day in and day out.

We are honest and hard-working professionals who love making a client’s marketing plan go as smoothly as possible. It gives us pride and it’s the right thing to do.

“It’s an interesting spot to be in that if we’re not doing all we can, it’s pretty hard to sleep at night,” says Bucciachio.

A quote from Vincent Bucciachio, founder of SociallyInfused Media, that says "if we’re not doing all we can, it’s pretty hard to sleep at night."

Not every marketing company cares to that extent. Many view clients as a contract; we view them as partners that deserve respect and the best marketing strategy possible.

We are grateful for our recognition by Clutch. We also understand that the highlights above are what helped us earn it. We plan on finding innovative new ways to help our clients for years to come and can’t wait to have them join us for the ride.

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